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Orpheus was overtaken in the forest by a band of Thracians, already reveling under the influence of wine. They attempted to convince him to join them in the base and impure delights of their festival of the night. When Orpheus spurned their offers, the Thracians flew into a great rage and attacked him. Orpheus was slain, and the Thracians tore him apart and scattered his limbs. His head was cast into the River Hebrus, still singing the name of his beloved Euridice. It floated to the island of Lesbos where it was retrieved by the Muses and buried in the sanctuary of the island where it became an oracle that was so powerful that it rivaled the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi. His limbs were also gathered up by the Muses and buried in a tomb at the foot of Mount Olympus, where, it is said today, the nightingales sing more beautifully than anywhere else.